Stages of Early Arithmetical Learning (SEAL)

What is SEAL?

SEAL stands for Stages of Early Arithmetical Learning.

In 1992 Dr. Robert Wright began developing the Maths Recovery Programme.  This is an evidence based intensive assessment and intervention process.  The underlying model for Maths Recovery was that children acquire strategies and numerical knowledge through a series of different stages – the Stages of Early Arithmetical Learning.  It looks at the relative sophistication of children’s strategies for dealing with number and allows teachers to build on those skills.  For example, the child who has no means of working out 9 + 3 other than counting out nine counters, then counting out three counters and then counting all of the counters from 1 to 12, is using a far less sophisticated strategy who can say 9 + 3 is the same as 10 + 12 so I know that the answer is 12.

Please find below a guide to help support your child with SEAL strategies at home:

SEAL Handout for Parents and Carers