Welcome to Primary 5B

Term 3

Attached are our plans for Term 3 in Primary 5. Any questions, please ask.

4 contexts term 3

Reading Buddies

We really enjoy reading for enjoyment with our buddies from P7 –

Bringing the Solar System to life

What better way to learn about the sizes of the planets than to make them! The children blew up balloons making them in decreasing size from the Sun, then we got messy with papier-mâché and painted them……

Once that was done, then we had to test them out.  Using our knowledge of the speed of orbit for each planet, we acted the solar system out…..



We have had a great start to the new term in P5B! Please see below our plans for term 2.

4 Contexts – Term-2

What a busy start to the term!  Now we have all settled in, please find below our plans for this term.

Context Term1

Solar System Art

As part of our Space topic, we are starting to learn about the planets and the solar system.  What better way to learn then to explore though art and we combined this with learning the skill of oil pastels, blending our colours carefully.  Great results!

Mental Maths

We are learning addition strategies and showing our knowledge of adding hundreds, tens and units mentally – great work P5B!

Circuit Training

In PE we have been building our stamina and doing circuits for both strength and cardio – always enjoying our mindfulness warm down…..

Creating our class charter

To create our class charter, we spent time exploring the UN Rights of the Child, and discussing which we felt was most relevant to us.  Lots of class discussion and debate – especially about our Right to play!