Health Week 2017: Simon Says Dance

A new addition to East Craigs health week: Simon Says Dance. And what a hit it was! We all learnt some new moves with lots of “attitude”. A fabulous time had by all- Thank you Simon!


Health Week 2017: ‘Drum Fun’ Sessions

‘Drum Fun’ is always a Health Week favourite at East Craigs! We had a very noisy and happy hall on Tuesday when the whole school took part in drumming sessions at different stages in the day – a great way to promote team work and positive attitudes. Thank You to Steve for his energy and enthusiasm!

Health Week 2017: American Football

Pupils in the upper years, had fun learning all about American Football.  Children also had the opportunity to try on some of the special kit – required to play the game safely.

Many thanks to the American football coaches for their time and fantastic workshops!


Health Week 2017: Fit Labs

The Glasgow Science Centre led “Fit Lab” sessions for primary 4 and 5. Great fun was had by all! Pupils explored their endurance, power, agility, speed and coordination through a range of zoned exhibits. They were invited to become scientists and subjects in a personalised investigation designed to test their limits. The staff got involved too!

‘Go Oxygen, Go!’ Health Week Show: P1-3

The Glasgow Science Centre visited East Craigs as part of Tuesday’s programme of Health Week activities. P4 and 5 took part in ‘Fit Lab’ workshops, and P1-3 watched an interactive show, which was all about looking after our bodies. Please watch the clips of the ‘Go Oxygen, Go!’ show below:

Health Week 2017: Cheerleading

Our busy Health Week continues at East Craigs. The rain did not put us off today and we participated in a jam-packed timetable of activities! Please watch P1 and 2 taking part in Cheerleading in the video collage below. Thank you, Miss Murray!

Health Week 2017: Hockey Skills

Our P4 and 5 classes took part in Hockey sessions on the field today. Despite the changeable weather, they learned lots of new skills and thoroughly enjoyed their experience! Thank you to Mrs Bonthrone and Mrs Cummins for leading this activity. Please watch the collage below to see some photos: