P7B 2017-2018

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Please find below our ‘4 Contexts’ plan for term 4:

4-contexts-curriculum-plan-p7-final-t4 (1)

Please click the link below for our term 3, 4 context plans:

4-contexts-curriculum-plan-p7-final t3

Fractions, Decimals and Percentages

Working together, P7B often discuss their thinking and ideas to help others and themselves to understand a new topic.  Using 6 stations, the class split themselves up to explore fractions, have a look at what we got up to:

Halloween Art

We continued our focus on creating art with tone and perspective during Halloween.  We hope you liked our spooky creations!


Please click the link below for our term 2,  4 context plans:

4-contexts-curriculum-plan-p7-final t2


We are enjoying our visits from Nicolai who is supporting our German speaking.  Here he is explaining correct pronunciation for German numbers to 100 – try us out!


Lagganlia 2017

Thursday 26/10/17

We have all thoroughly enjoyed our last full day here at Lagganlia and are currently getting ready for disco fun tonight! Lots of us took part in climbing and abseiling today, working together and challenging ourselves:


Wednesday 25/10/17

With good weather all groups had their busiest day yet!  Abseiling and bouldering for some, kayaking and canoeing for others.  Those that were hillwalking made it all the way to the top for fantastic views plus many had to cycle to and from their activities!  On site, some groups tried out the climbing wall and skiing whilst others tried their hand at archery.  Here is just a small selection of photos:



With such a busy day behind us it was time for a bonfire (except we had to build it first!) then hot chocolate before bed – lights were out early!


Tuesday 24/10/17

Another exciting and jam-packed day here at Lagganlia! Activities included Gorge Walking, Ski-ing, Archery and Abseiling. Please watch the slideshow to see some photos of us preparing for activities and Group 5’s Gorge Walk:

Monday 23/10/17

Hello from Lagganlia! Primary 7 are having a great time so far: we have settled in well to our dorm and activity groups and are excited about our action-packed week of activities! We did an excellent job of carrying our own bags to our rooms, then made our own beds and unpacked.

After lunch and orientation, we got together in our activity groups for the week. Each group discussed their key goals and challenges, which included:

  • developing independence and personal responsibility – the ‘tidiest dorm’ competition is being taken very seriously with lots of strong contenders!
  • giving new experiences a go and pushing ourselves to try new things, approaching these with a ‘growth mindset’ attitude
  • develop friendships with our peers from Fox Covert
  • supporting and encouraging eachother, working as a team

In the evening, half of us took part in a nightline, while the rest had a scavenger hunt around the Lagganlia grounds. Please see below for some photos of the nightline activity:


Please click the link below for our term 1 significant aspects of learning and 4 context plans.

4 Contexts Curriculum Plan p7

P7 Buddies:

We are really enjoying spending time with our P1 buddies and building our friendships. One of our recent activities involved creating “green men” by using clay and parts of nature found within the school grounds.