P3B 2017-2018



Term 4 – 4 Contexts Curriculum Plans – Term 4



Belated Book Week  – 5th March 2018




Scotland Topic


4 Contexts Curriculum Plans – Term 3


Burns Night 25th January



Primary P3B recite ‘The Gruffalo’ in Scots! Braw!



Primary 3 Assembly Performance: ‘Scotland: Tales through Time’


Finally, please find the audio track for ‘Red, Red Rose’ below. A small choir group will be performing this song. The choir group will be starting to practise and issued with lyrics on Monday!






















Great work on learning your song lyrics, Primary 3! Here are our final two songs, both of which are very famous, ‘Oh Flower of Scotland’ and ‘Auld Lang Syne’:











































Here is song 4 to practise, ‘Donald, where’s your Troosers?’:






















Primary 3’s Scotland assembly will be taking place on Friday 9th February! Please play the videos below to hear audio tracks of three of the songs; ‘Och Aye, the News’, ”Three Craws’ and ‘The Bridge’. There are also tutorial videos for songs one and three.

Song 3, ‘The Bridge’:









































Song 2, ‘Three Craws’:






















Song 1, ‘Och Aye the News’:










































Class topic –  INSIDE OUT : The Human Body

This term Primary 3 have been learing about the human body. We started of by looking at the human skeleton and identified some of the bones.

We made these super skeleton Art pictures using cotton buds and pastels. The children had so much fun!

The children have been learning about some of the organs in the body –  the brain, heart, lungs and the digestive system.  They have learned about why they are important and some of their functions.

We will now go on to look at the five senses – sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell.


Monday 11th December

Check out the pictures below of P3 at their Christmas Party.










































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Please use the video below to practise our song for the church service, ‘Santa Claus is Coming to Town’:






















Primary 3 have been learning to write acrostic poems to remember the brave soldiers who lost their lives in the war.  They also painted these wonderful poppy fields using watercolours and printing.












































4 Contexts Curriculum Plans – Term 2


Primary 3 visit the Scottish Owl Centre



In Science we have been learning about living and non-living things, planting and growing and simple Woodland animal foodchains.










































P3 Science experiment – planting and growing 🌻










































 Making 3D clay hedgehogs










































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Class Topic – The Woodlands

Term1 – Primary 3 have been learning about The Woodlands.

The children followed a set of step-by-step instructions to draw these fantastic owls for our classroom display. In ICT the children have been researching different types of Owls and they also had the opportunity to find and record facts about other woodland animals.










































The children have been learning about the needs of a tree and different tree types.    They have learned that deciduous trees shed their leaves in Autumn and evergreen trees stay green all year because they don’t shed their leaves.

Our Magical Tree Art display was created using black pens and cotton buds and colourful paints.

The children then moved on find out about woodland animal habitats and the names of their homes.  They made these wonderful animals masks  using the technique of collage.


4 Contexts Page – Term 1 – 2017:

4 Contexts Curriculum Plans Term 1 website2

P3B Minecraft Class Charter

Primary 3 have been learning about their rights and responsibilities. The children then choose a right or responsibility to add to their Minecraft figure, for the Class Charter. We also had a discussion about the difference between  ‘needs and wants’.

P3B Class Charter