P2/3 2017-2018


Please find the ‘4 Contexts’ plans for Term 4 below:

p2 4 contexts

p3 4 contexts


We had a great time at the zoo today, learning about classifying and sorting living things as part of our ‘In the Garden’ topic. Please watch the collage below to see photos and short clips:


We transformed into our favourite book characters for a belated World Book Day today!

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Please find the ‘4 Contexts for Learning’ plans below, for Term 3 in P2/3:

P2: 4-contexts-term-2-p2 term 3

P3: 4-contexts-term-2-p3-term-3


When P2/3 met Nessie….

….or is it a trick? We have been learning about some trick photos which have been taken of Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster. Look at some of our Nessie selfies in the collage video!


Here are a few photos of P2/3 having fun in the snow this week. We worked together in teams to build snowmen! Brrrr!

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Primary 3 Assembly Performance: ‘Scotland: Tales through Time’


Finally, please find the audio track for ‘Red, Red Rose’ below. A small choir group will be performing this song. The choir group will be starting to practise and issued with lyrics on Monday!


Great work on learning your song lyrics, Primary 3! Here are our final two songs, both of which are very famous, ‘Oh Flower of Scotland’ and ‘Auld Lang Syne’:


Here is song 4 to practise, ‘Donald, where’s your Troosers?’:


Primary 3’s Scotland assembly will be taking place on Friday 9th February! Please play the videos below to hear audio tracks of three of the songs; ‘Och Aye, the News’, ”Three Craws’ and ‘The Bridge’. There are also tutorial videos for songs one and three.

Song 3, ‘The Bridge’:

Song 2, ‘Three Craws’:


Song 1, ‘Och Aye the News’:


Happy New Year and welcome back to P2/3! As you know, we will be learning an extract from ‘The Gruffalo’ in Scots, as part of Burns fortnight at East Craigs. Please play the clip below to hear the extract and use it to help you learn the words:


On Tuesday, it was Primary 2’s turn to have their party! P2 had lots of fun and a very special visitor came along too…!

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Check out the pictures below of the P3s enjoying their Christmas party:

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P3s: Please use the video below to practise our song for the church service, ‘Santa Claus is Coming to Town’:

P2 will be singing ‘Wake Up, Wake Up’ from ‘The Sleepy Shepherd’. P2s: please scroll down our page to find the video for this song.


What a fabulously festive performance this morning from the P2s in our class – well done, Primary 2! Everybody did a great job of learning the words and actions to the songs in ‘The Sleepy Shepherd’. Here are a few photos of some of our sparkly Christmas costumes (click on the images to enlarge them):

Here are some photos of us performing live at our dress rehearsal, including the dancing and duet parts (again, please click on the images to enlarge them):


In Topic Work, P2/3 have been learning about how clouds are formed, and the processes of evaporation and condensation. We took part in a practical experiment to investigate where rain comes from and why it rains:

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Here are the ‘4 Contexts for Learning’ plans for this term in P2/3:

Primary 2: 4-contexts-term-2-p2

Primary 3: 4-contexts-term-2-p3 final


As part of our ‘Weather and Seasons’ topic, P2/3 have been learning about how rainbows are formed. We created beautiful rainbow collages in Art and made our own rainbows in Science, using torchlight and water. Please watch the video below to see some short clips. Apologies for the Reward Time background noise!

Primary 2 Christmas Performance: ‘The Sleepy Shepherd’


Please find our final two songs below, ‘Bumpy Road’ and ‘Wake Up’:


Here are songs 5 and 6 to practise, ‘Would you like to come along?’ and ‘Under a Star’:


Primary 2 have begun to learn the songs for our Christmas Performance of ‘The Sleepy Shepherd’, which will take place on Friday 1st December! Everybody in P2 has been given a lyrics booklet to take home and practise the songs, working towards learning these off-by-heart. Please play the video clip below to hear audio tracks of two songs; ‘Woolly Sheep’ and ‘One Starry Night’:

Play this video to hear ‘Sleepy Shepherd’:

Please keep checking our page for more audio tracks to practise. Thank You for your help and support!


Welcome back to P2/3! We are enjoying our ‘Weather and Seasons’ topic, and have begun by thinking about how the weather is forecast and shared. We are looking forward to taking part in practical experiments during this topic.

In Literacy and Phonics, P2 have been learning about the ‘soft c’ sound. We have also been learning how to spell two of our tricky words, ‘school’ and ‘because’:

Our tricky words for this term are school, before, because, story, does, done, write, great, move, people, again, four, eight, learn, money


Today P2/3 went on an Autumn walk! We collected lots of Autumn leaves and used these for artwork back in the classroom. We are also going to use our Autumn walk as a stimulus for our writing this week.


Spellosaur App

Another recommended app is Spellosaur: a list of words can be inputted then practised in fun and varied ways. This is a great way to practise both tricky words in P2 and weekly spelling words in P3.

Image result for spellosaur app The Spellosaur app logo

P3 Handwriting

Primary 3 have been working hard on learning how to join-up their handwriting using the cursive script. There is a useful app called Crazy Cursive Lite, which is a great way to practise letter formation and cursive joins. If they are able to, P3 pupils are encouraged to practise their joins at home, using this app.


P2 Literacy: Term 1

As you may know, P2 pupils will continue with the Edinburgh Literacy Rich phonics and spelling programme this year. Each week, we will practise and learn 3 new ‘tricky words’. Please find the full list of words for Term 1 below:

other, mother, another, have, give, live, work, world, word, little, most, old, house, also, friend

Practising our Block 4 ‘tricky words’

We are continuing to focus on the ‘magic e’ rule:



We are really enjoying our Dinosaurs topic and have become Palaeontologists, investigating dinosaur fossils from long ago! Please see below for some photos:


Welcome to P2/3’s class page. Please find below our ‘4 Contexts for Learning’ plans for this term.

Primary 2: 4 contexts term 1.doc p2

Primary 3: 4 contexts term 1 p3