Our Vision, Values and Aims at East Craigs

Our Vision

“Valuing equality for each of our children, and their families, we ensure all are included and respected. As Citizens, we are committed to the Values of Wisdom, Justice, Integrity and Compassion. We are Lifelong Learners who can think critically about what we know and learn, to bring about innovations and positive change in society. We are fully committed to excellence in teaching and learning and celebrate the successes and achievements of all, valuing each individual. We set ourselves the highest expectations to demonstrate that we are an ambitious, thinking school. We are equipped to embrace whatever our future holds and to contribute in meaningful ways through the skills for learning, life and work that we develop here in East Craigs Primary and beyond.”

Our Values



We aim to promote a positive behaviour ethos by encouraging everyone to

  • be kind
  • be aware of other people’s feelings
  • take responsibility for their actions
  • speak openly about anything and know they will be listened to
  • take responsibility for promoting a positive ethos