Our Staff

Staff List 2017/2018

Senior Leadership Team

Head Teacher: Ms Jackie Reid

Depute Head Teacher: Mrs Kirsten Johnston

Depute Head Teacher: Mrs Shelley Graham

Depute Head Teacher/ Principal Teacher: Ms Maureen Allan

Business Manager: Mrs Viv Bowden

Teaching Staff

Nursery: Mrs Caroline Young & Ms Maureen Allan

Primary 1A: Mrs Debra May

Primary 1B: Mrs Eilidh Scott

Primary 2A: Mrs Aisha Johal

Primary 2B: Ms Karen Tynan

Primary 2/3: Mrs Sarah Millar

Primary 3A: Miss Hilary Foster

Primary 3B: Mrs Indie Ali

Primary 4A: Ms Fiona Wragg & Mrs Barbara Rodger

Primary 4B: Mrs Irene Bonthrone & Mrs Barbara Rodger

Primary 5A: Ms Mel Donaldson & Mrs Kim Lewis

Primary 5B: Miss Amy Peters

Primary 6A: Miss Dawn Gelston

Primary 6B: Miss Lucy Niven

Primary 7A: Miss Rachael Mowat

Primary 7B: Mrs Helen Cormack

Support for Learning: Ms Katie Cummins & Ms Mel Donaldson

Specialist Teacher: Mrs Kim Lewis (Science), Mrs Kirsten Johnston (Science) & Ms Maureen Allan (Music)

PE Specialist: Mr Martyn Cheung

Family Engagement Practitioner: Sharon Sime

Support Staff

School Administrator Mrs  Fiona MacIntosh

Pupil Support Assistants 

Mrs Carol Adams (P1)

Mrs Val Outterson (P2 and P2/3)

Mrs Jackie Brown (P2, P2/3 and P5)

Mrs Kirsten Tyrell (P3 and P6)

Mrs Margaret Lennon (P3)

Mrs Susan Malcolm (P1 & P4)

Mrs Paula Yardley (P4)

Mr Bruce Smith (P5)

Mrs Jackie May (P6 & Nursery)

Mrs Liz Cann (P7)

Early Years Officer: Mrs Alison Scott

Early Years Practitioners:

Mrs Laura Elvin

Mrs Rhona McLeod

Mrs Lorraine Whiteman

Mrs Jane Jamieson

Ms Sara Bruce

School Service Support Officer: Mr Tam Linden