Our Staff

Staff List 2018/2019

Senior Leadership Team

Head Teacher: Mrs Sheila Scott

Depute Head Teacher: (Acting): Mrs Gayle Armour

Depute Head Teacher (Acting): Ms Louise Clouston

Depute Head Teacher/ Principal Teacher: Ms Maureen Allan

Business Manager: Miss Lisa MacIsaac

Teaching Staff

Nursery: Mrs Caroline Young & Ms Maureen Allan

Primary 1 Caterpillars: Mrs Aisha Johal

Primary 1 Butterflies: Miss Lucy Niven

Primary 1 Ladybirds: Mrs Indi Ali

Primary 2A: Miss Rachel Robertson and Mrs Louise Mitchell

Primary 2/3: Mrs Debs May

Primary 3A: Miss Jessica Lowry and Mrs Louise Mitchell

Primary 3B: Ms Karen Tynan

Primary 4A: Miss Hilary Foster

Primary 4B: Miss Rachel Mowat

Primary 5A: Miss Amy Peters

Primary 5B: Mrs Irene Bonthrone and Mrs Barbara Rodger

Primary 6A: Mrs Ruth Colley

Primary 6B: Mrs Eilidh Scott and Mrs Kim Lewis

Primary 7A: Miss Dawn Gelston

Primary 7B: Mrs Helen Cormack

Support for Learning: Ms Mel Donaldson

Specialist Teacher: Mrs Barbara Rodger (Music) and Ms Louise Clouston (Science)

PE Specialist: Mr Martyn Cheung

Family Engagement Practitioner: Mrs Sharon Sime

Early Years Officer: Mrs Alison Scott

Early Years Practitioners:
Mrs Laura Elvin
Mrs Rhona McLeod

Mrs Julie Corrigan
Mrs Paulene Newlands
Mrs Anne-Marie Edwards

Support Staff

School Administrator: Mrs  Fiona McIntosh

Clerical officer: Ms Gillian Colmer

School Service Support Officer: Mr Tam Linden

Pupil Support Assistants
Each of our Pupil Support Assistants will be working with a range of pupils across a variety of year groups. There will be a flexible approach taken to timetabling, throughout the session, in order to ensure pupils’ needs are meet effectively and to further build staff capacity and sustainability.

Mrs Carol Adams
Mrs Val Outterson
Mrs Jackie Brown
Mrs Kirsten Tyrell
Mrs Susan Malcolm
Mr Bruce Smith
Mrs Jackie May
Mrs Liz Cann

Miss Jude Ferguson
Mrs Elaine Baird

Miss Shona Sinclair

Mrs Saima Hafiz