Number Crunchers

Pupils in P5-7 have the opportunity to take part in a fun extension Maths programme called ‘Number Crunchers’ at different stages in the year! Number Crunchers is led by staff from Nationwide Bank and focuses on financial education using engaging real-life contexts. The Number Crunchers recently visited Nationwide Bank in Corstorphine where they had the chance to learn about the different job roles in a bank, as well as handling a real £100 note and £1000 in cash!


The P5 Number Crunchers shared their highlights of the Number Crunchers experience:

‘I liked learning about what different jobs are involved in running a bank’ – Conroy

‘I enjoyed learning different skills involving money’ – Lauren

‘I loved getting to hold the bundle of £100 notes!’ – Emma

‘I was interested in all the different 50p designs’ – Maddie

‘I loved learning about the water marks on bank notes!’ – Michael

‘I enjoyed learning about different types of money and how money has changed over the years’ – Rachel

‘My highlight was learning about credit cards!’ – Ryan


Thank You so much to Sarah from Nationwide for providing this experience 🙂