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On this page you will find learning for PE, Science, Modern Languages and other activities.

Music Home Learning resources

ABC Music Homeschool resources allow all parents and children to have fun and learn whenever they want during lockdown- and it’s free for everyone 24/7. The resources will launch at 10am on Monday 30th March at with an online music lesson introducing materials parents can use at home with their children

Science science

Have an ‘Electro-Static’ Magic Holiday

Watch this amazing video Science Vs Music Nigel Stanford

Want to continue your science learning?  Get a free trial with – Online Courses and Fun Projects for Kids

STEM Challenges

  • Make a cannon using a cardboard tube, a pencil, a plastic bottle and 2 rubber bands. Make a Cannon
  • Experiment with perspective and make a trick photo. 
  • Who can make the strongest free standing bridge?  You can only use 4 pieces of A4 paper and glue or cellotape.  You can fold, cut or stick the paper however you want. Design & Build Paper Bridges       Paper Bridge Challenge  How many pennies can it support?
  • Design a contraption to drop a raw egg from 2 metres without smashing it.  You can use any materials you can find around your house eg tape, recycling, cotton balls etc.  Draw a picture of your design and explain why and how you think your egg will be protected from the fall.  Test it out – did the egg survive?  If not how would you improve your design?

Science Websites

The Royal Institution

Virtual Tour 

The Kids Should See This

Age 5-11 Science Games

Ocean School

Marine Conservation Society

Incredible Oceans

Online Games

Ancient Runes        Caesar Wheel

Rapid Router       Scratch 

Wildlife Actions

NASA Kids’ Club

Glasgow Science Centre At Home  

P2-4 Science – Bitesize Scotland

P5-7 Science – Bitesize Scotland

Dynamic Earth Online

Age 5-7 BBC Science

Age 7-11 BBC Science

British Neuroscience Association

Mrs Lewis (Science Specialist)

Modern Languages Home LearningFrenchGerman flag

French learning grid
P1-4French numbers 1-20 & pronunciation
L’expression de la semaine posterst


PE Home learningPE

Mr Cheung’s PE Challenges

Here are some wonderful PE activities from Mr Cheung for term 4


Circuits Record
p1-4 PE home learning grid
P5-7 PE home learning grid
Useful links for PE and Physical Activity

Useful Websites and Resourceswebsite 1

Below are some resources useful for all children and families, but particularly EAL or bilingual learners.


Home learning ideas for EAL learners and families