Outdoor Learning & Wildlife

Welcome to “Outdoor Learning & Wildlife” Community Learning team with Mrs Lewis


This year we used our outdoor space to explore pollination, signs of spring and animal habitats.  We took part in then Great British Bird Watch and used autumn leaves to identify the trees around our school.  We made Christmas decorations using natural materials and created and used ‘story stones’ and ‘journey sticks’.


Find the Tree

Human Spelling

Den Building

img_0245 img_0248 img_0249 img_0250 img_0255 img_0257 img_0259 img_0260 img_0261 img_0262

Birds, Birds, Birds

We sketched the birds visiting our field and played birdwatch bingo.  We now know our Goldfinches from our Greenfinches and our Greenfinches from our Chaffinches.

Why not test your bird knowledge here?    http://www.rspb.org.uk/kids-and-schools/kids-and-families/kids/play/index.aspx


We also made ‘fat cone’ and ‘cereal stick’ bird feeders to help our feathered friends say ‘Cheerio’ to hunger this winter.

img_0236 img_0237 img_0233

Deconstructed Christmas Tree Fun

Human noughts and crosses


Potpurri pine bundles with needle dyed and scented cloth


Spelling Challenge


St Andrew’s Day

Strawberry saltires…

…currant and cranberry crosses…

…fruity fingers…

…and a berry brew.

Rainbow Autumn Leaf Land Art

An explosion of colour this Guy Fawkes.

Autumn – a second spring where trees become flowers and leaves show their true colours.