Digital Leaders

Pupils in P6 and 7 have the opportunity to be digital leaders in East Craigs, taking a lead with ICT and helping younger classes. We will keep you updated about this initiative starting again this session. In the meantime, please see below to find out about the responsibilities that our digital leaders have had in the past and the initiatives that they have led.

Programming Club
Our talented primary 6 and 7 digital leaders have been running a programming club during Monday lunchtime for Primary 2. The progress of the pupils has been outstanding with the use of apps such as “Bee Bot”, “Alex” and “Kodable”.

Meet Our Team:

We are excited to announce that the application process for becoming a digital leader is now open to primary 5 and primary 6! This will follow a new process this year, whereby our current DL’s will be holding interviews from the successful application forms. We look forward to our team growing.
UPDATE: our interviews are complete! The standard of candidates was exceptionally high. We have assigned a role to everyone that took part, including some Primary 5 “Digital Assistants”. Thank you again to everyone for their hard work.

Meet our 2017 Digital Leaders:

A Message From the Digital Leaders:

Hello my name is Ethan. This year is my second year of digital leaders and its all been really good. My favourite thing to do is work on computers. We have a programming club on Monday lunch times for P2 we use really good apps like Bee Bot, Alex, Kodable, Scratch junior and more. In are school we have community learning teams that started last year are head teacher came up with the idea and its really good we do loads of them including Digital Leaders we have P1 to 7 doing programming updating the twitter page and the website. The teachers who taking Digital Leaders are Mrs Scott, Mrs Miller and Mr Logan. Sadly I leave soon but I am sure that the future of Digital Leaders is fantastic!

My name is Ishaan and I am super excited to be one of the brand new digital leaders. I think it’s good.
that I’m a digital leader because I will be able to learn how to tweet on twitter and learn how to program a bit more .
I am hoping to help East Craig’s Primary by untangling ipad chargers and charging the ipads.

Hello, my name is Rachel and I am one of the P5 Digital Leaders. I am looking forward to updating the website, tweeting on the school Twitter page and helping with sound in assembly. I chose to be a Digital Leader because I want to help the school become a better school. I have wanted to be a Digital Leader since P1. I love computers and iPads. The teachers who do Digital Leaders are Mrs Scott, Mrs Miller and Mr Logan. I love my job as a Digital Leader!

My name is Lucianna and I am a new digital leader. I think that being a digital leader is a good thing because I can learn how to upload computers and program the ipads . The thing I like most about being a digital leader is that you can put things on the school website.

My name is Emma, I am one of the newest digital leaders and I wanted to be a digital leader because I love working with technology and I like teaching younger pupils how to use and work technology. In the future I would like to continue using technology and continue teaching the younger children. In digital leaders we update the school website, we update our twitter account, we do a programming club with the p2’s and we have community learning teams every Monday.

My name is Phoebe, I have been a digital since Primary 5. I wanted to be a digital leader because I think I am good at using technology and I like teaching younger pupils about technology too. In the future I would like to continue using technology throughout high school and maybe get an after school club for Digital leaders. We also have a school twitter account that we update, we update the school website and have a programing club every Monday lunch time for P2’s. We have our own community learning team and we write blogposts sometimes.

My name is Sophie and I am a new Primary 7 Digital leader. I have just joined the Digital Leader Team this year and I am looking forward to all the new challenges ahead. I wanted to be a Digital Leader because I like having some responsibility and I like teaching the younger pupils skills they can use in later life. Mrs Scott and Mrs Millar are the community learning team teachers that run the group. The primary 7,6 digital leaders take a programming for the primary 2s where we teach the primary 2s programming skills. I would like to continue using my skills all the way throughout high school.

My name is Luke and this is my first year as digital leader and my job is to update the iPads and update the school website. In the school website I want to take away the adverts because when I first got on to the website I started to think that this was not the website so I went to google again and searched East Craigs primary school and it came to the same thing so it was the school website. The person who teaches me to be better with computers is Mrs Scot.

Hello my name is Fraser I’m one of your primary 7 digital leaders, I first joined in primary 5 and am one of the two original digital leaders left. I am hoping to make the most of my final year in school and digital leaders my main goal is to improve the learning experience for the school using computers and I-pads.