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Hello, I am one of your p7 digital leaders. The reason I wanted to be a digital leaders is because I think I could be a good leader to the younger digital leaders. Things I want to improver are that people get more I.C.T time and learn how to use computers. Other reasons are that, everyone should get a chance to have a shot of being a digital leader for their year group.















Hi I am a digital leader. I am a P6B . My job is to keep the website going and help Mrs Scott . I love technology it’s really fun. I wanted to be a digital leader because I have wanted a job for years . I have wanted to change the ICT way. I am going to make a group with Fraser for primary 1 and 2 and make more ICT time.








Hello I’m one of the p6 digital leaders. I wanted to be a digital leader because I love technology and I think I could change a lot . For example computer programming clubs and the amount of ICT we get in school.