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Welcome to “Digital Leaders” Community Learning team with Mrs Millar and Mrs Scott


The Edinburgh gang show

This week some of our digital leaders interview Fraser and Rachel who were just some of the pupils that took part in this years Gang Show. Here is what they had to say:

An interview with Fraser by Luke and Phoebe
The gang show is an amazing experience held in the king’s theatre on the 21st to the 25th of November from 7.45 to 9.45.
The best part was the finale because it had so many good songs including we’ve got a lot to be thankful for and crest of a wave.
The show is based around scouting and guiding and the sections above

An interview with Rachel by Emma and Robyn

What do you do at the gang show?
You perform different acts in front of 1250 people at the king’s theatre

Do you find the gang show fun and why?
Yes! I love performing and I do it all the time

Whom do you do the gang show with?
Brownies, Guides, Cubs, Beavers, scouts, senior section and many others all go to the gang show. Rachel met some of her friends there too.

What acts did you do?
Rachel did four acts, she danced and sung to Moana, 1 short day, ease on down the road and you will always find your way back home.

What was your favourite act?
On the Tuesday they were celebrating 50 years of girl guiding, Rachel’s favourite act was when boys came on the stage dressed as girls, and thought they were funny and good at being guides, but then real guides came on the stage and had a pretend fight with each other.

Whom did you meet?
She met a kind of famous conductor that made songs for Beauty and The Beast and Cinderella, the director, the manager, some of her mums guides, the guy that played the drums in the orchestra, the guy that played the piano in the music pit, her 2 main brownie leaders work as stage crew at the gang show and she met her brownie leaders boyfriend.

What was your favourite costume?
The munchkin costume: We wore black school trousers, a long sleeved white school shirt, black school shoes and black socks, a bow tie and a stripy green and white t-shirt with buttons.

What was your favourite song/dance and why?
How far I will go from Moana because it is a chill dance and it was a nice song to dance and sing to.


This week, the P3 and 4 members of the Digital team have been exploring the new Lego Movie app, putting together and recording mini animations. P2 have been developing their programming skills, coached by the P6 Digital Leaders. We have been progressing through the different coding apps as we become more confident:

Primary 5 and 7 have been learning how to update the school website. The P7 members of the team composed posts and uploaded them:

Hi my name is Aditya I am a digital leader for community learning teams. I put digital leaders as one of my choices last year but unfortunately I didn’t get in. But this year I didn’t get in for anything then my teacher said you can join digital leaders. I put this as one of my choices because I think we can make a difference this year. So I am happy to be in digital leaders for community learning teams.

Hi my name is Robyn and I am part of the Digital Leader Community Learning team. I have a younger sister called Katie and two older brothers called Matthew and Justin. I want to be digital leader because I like to play on my I-pad at home. I would like to learn how to program it when there is a problem.