1+2 Languages

At East Craigs Primary School we are implementing 1+2 languages. French is taught from Nursery- Primary 7, with German being taught Primary 5- Primary 7. We encourage the pupils to expose themselves to the language as much as possible. Here are a variety of suggestions which can be used at home:

  • Age appropriate foreign films (there are lots available on Netflix and Amazon Prime). You can also change the language of many DVDs which your child already knows and play them with english subtitles.
  • Changing the language of your child’s video games (for example Fifa)
  • http://www.lyricstraining.com is a brilliant website for music and really helps with listening and reading skills.
  • French/German dictionaries


Please find below the links from our parental workshop 27.03.17

1+2 French Presentation for parents carers

1+2 German Presentation for parents carers