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Our EC Values in Action

Dear East Craigs pupils

We wanted to talk to you about what is happening in America and the world just now. This is not the first time racism has been on the news. If you are upset about what you hear and see that’s okay, we all need to feel safe. Please watch the power points below with an adult and speak to an adult about any questions you have. We all, adults as well, need to learn more and help others to learn more.
From All the Staff at East Craigs Primary

Equalities Powerpoint-For our younger pupils

For second level pupils-Our Values at East Craigs EQUALITY



home learning picP5-7 Teams Timetable Updateteams

Hello everyone,

The P5-7 teachers would like to share their adapted timetable with you. As you will see the class teachers are online from 9.30-10.30am and 11-12pm. We will come back on at the end of the school day to check in and answer any end of the “school day” questions. Our wonderful PSAs will be on from 1.30-3pm to support the learning and answer questions.

We would all like to remind you that we are trying hard to get the balance between a school day structure and not putting pressure on your family. The timetable is for you to use as you see fit but we think it is important you know what times the staff are available for children. We know this looks formal and while some children are really thriving with their structured school day timetable, we know everyone works differently.

Each teacher posts the work in advance in the folders on Teams if you need to get things organised before the “school day”. We completely understand how hard this is for everyone working from home, teaching at home and having your own family lives. We are here for you all and are trying to adapt as we go to see what is the best fit for everyone involved.

Any questions please email the admin account and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

stay safe

Ms Clouston

P5 – 7 Timetable from Week 6

Activity Grid for Monday 4th and Friday 8th May

Holiday Activity Grid

holiday activity grid


Easter Holidays Activities GridEaster pic

East Craigs Easter Activity Grid PDF


home learning

Dear Parent/Carers,home learning

Please see our class pages for weekly home learning activities. For learning in PE, Science, Modern Languages and any other learning activities, please visit the “General Home Learning page. All of these pages can be found under “Sharing Our Learning”.If there are any questions you or your children need answered, please email Admin@eastcraigs.edin.sch.uk, and staff will get back to you ASAP.

For all Primary 5-7 children here is our “Pupil and parent Guide to using Microsoft Teams”. Please get in touch if you have any questions or problems.


P1+2 Maths Challenge 2/4/20























Bedtime story 4

Tonight our bedtime story “Goldilocks and The Three Bears”, will be read in Polish 🇵🇱 and translated into English.  Well done boys and thank you 😊! Enjoy!

Glee Competition

Incase you missed it on Twitter-
Incredibly proud of our choir tonight. Espirit of glee! Impeccable behaviour, manners and enthusiastic from start to finish! Miss Lowry, Miss Robertson and Ms Clouston couldn’t have asked for more! Thank you everyone who made it possible!

Nursery Forest Kindergarten

Nursery Forest Kindergarten pupils are enjoying playing and learning at their base in the Cammo Estate. They are developing independence, resilience and problem solving skills as well as literacy and numeracy through the outdoor play. But most importantly they are having fun and building friendships! Here are some photos of their games and activities in the forest.

East Craigs Does Super Hero Day

As part of Forth1’s Cash for Kids Day, pupils were invited to dress down or up as their favourite super hero. Through donations and our hot chocolate stall, the school made a whopping £477.37!!!Thank you to Mrs Sime and Ms Allan for all their organisation and to all the staff and pupils who helped make today such a great success. You all looked fabulous and the hot chocolate was delicious!

Any last minute donations would be greatly appreciated (however must be made before 5pm) to help us reach our £500 target.


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